Thursday, February 9, 2012


So perhaps I need to change my ways a little. I started out as a blogger. Well I don't know if you could call what I wrote, blogs. I think that when I began blogging back in 2003 or 2004 I was in a way writing a journal. Albeit when I was on MySpace, most of my blogs focused around very negative things. Maybe MySpace wasn't a good thing for me. Nevertheless, I'm floating off topic. I think that I'm a good writer. I'm a fairly decent writer at that. But I'm wondering and honestly beginning to think that along with my podcasts, which I love doing, perhaps I should start writing again, and incorporating my thoughts not only through my podcasts, but back into the written word as well. 
    It's funny, almost three years ago I was saying that I want to start sharing my feelings and opinions through the spoken word. I guess I got so caught up in that, that I'd forgotten that a lot if not all "content creators" do write as well. Now even in my podcasts, I start out thinking that I have a lot to say. My mind is telling me that I have a lot to say. But when it comes down to "showtime", a lot of what I was thinking I was going to say gets lost. At least with writing, or a blog, I can think about what I want to say or am going to say and not have to worry about "dead air" or that people are listening in and waiting for me to say something. 
    Maybe I should start writing again, in addition to going on the air with my podcast(s) and sometimes loosing a thought or forgetting what I was going to say. If I have a thought, I should come here and type it out and not go on the air, thinking that I know what I'm going to say. And then go on, and nothing. (lol)

Maybe it's time to start sharing my time between sharing my thoughts through the written or as well as the spoken word.......

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